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Portillo’s Dine & Share – Thursday, May 11, 2023

May 1, 2023

Make plans to NOT COOK on Thursday, May 11, and instead round up the family and all of your friends and head to Portillo’s in Crystal Lake, IL (855 Cog Circle).

Show this flyer (if you print it out) or your device when you order in person. You can also order online using code PORTILLOS23.

From Amazon Smile to Ab-a-la-bix Books…

It all started in July of 2022… :: cue flashback music ::

Diane Steverson, the owner of Ab-a-la-bix Books, was planning a birthday party for her Bookstore Dog, George. Knowing that the Mason Wasz Foundation generously gives a substantial amount of its money to dog-related organizations, Diane approached Mike about a plan to raise some funds for the Foundation.

The plan was to sell brown paper-wrapped books called “Blind Date with a Book.” Customers are presented with keywords and plot points to entice and pique their interest in the books. The titles and authors are a mystery, like on a blind date in real life! Customers are given the Foundation’s flyer and are told that 100% of the proceeds go to the Foundation and that they are free to name the amount they would like to donate. 

Thanks to the generosity of Mason’s ever-growing community, with donations for books ranging from $5.00 to $50.00, Ab-a-la-bix Books has given the Mason Wasz Foundation over $1,100 since July 2022!

But who could have predicted that the timing of this newfound collaboration would be so fortuitous?

A few months ago, Amazon informed us they would discontinue the Amazon Smile Program, which allows charities like us to benefit from everyday purchases our Supporters made via Amazon.com. The quarterly amounts received were helpful in maintaining day-to-day items within the Mason Wasz Foundation – our PO Box, website, Organizational dues, and the like.

When Diane heard this, she vowed to keep those now absent funds in place by making the “Blind Date with a Book” program a permanent, everyday feature at the bookstore! How amazing is that?

Most recently, Diane gave us a check for over $400 in donations!

If you are visiting Downtown Crystal Lake, visit Diane – and the store’s dog, George, at 30 N. Williams St., Suite A, located between the Raue Center for the Arts and Starbucks, on the Parking Lot side of Brink Street Market.

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